Private Limited Companies Secretarial Compliances

Every Private Company is required to maintain Statutory records and annual Compliances and filings with Ministry of Corporate affairs periodically.
Secretarial Compliances includes all kind of special events took place during the year and includes Appointment of Auditors, Directors, Conducting Board Meetings, Filing of Annual Returns, Maintaining Statutory Registers, event based filings for change in directors, issue of Share Certificates, Transfer of Shares, Change in Authorised Capital, Appointment of Managing Directors etc.
Non-compliance of mandatory ROC filings may lead to imposition of huge penalty and prosecutions.
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Event based Secretarial Compliances for Private Limited Companies with India Kickstart

Company can now select event based compliance service or opt for annual private limited compliance package with India Kickstart.

Event based Secretarial Compliances

  • Event based Special business

Covers all kind of special business like appointment of auditor, director, transfer of shares, change in authroised and paid up capital, shifting of registered office within India

  • Filing with MCA

Filings of statutory forms, Notice, board meetings and complete documentation and details with MCA for special events

  • Secretarial Service

Maintenance and updating of Statutory registers as per Companies Act and compliance support

  • CS Assisted Review

Our expert CS will assist, consult, prepare and review secretarial filings with ROC

Secretarial Filings applicable for Company – Special events

Private Limited Company (PLC) has increased regulatory compliances requirements to be fulfilled every year with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Every PLC must conduct Annual General Meeting within six months from end of financial year and to file their Annual Return within 60 days from the date of Annual General Meeting with ROC.

Apart from above, Private limited company may have any kind of special events which require detailed Secretarial Compliance and ROC filings for every such event. The special event for private limited company includes Appointment of First Auditor, Annual Report filings, Appointment or resignation of Board of Directors, Change in Authroised Capital of Company, Issue of fresh shares or transfer of shares, Change in designation of directors, shifting of registered office etc.

Careful execution of such special events with the help of India Kickstart can make the compliance filing easy, affordable and truly professional in timely manner.

Important Special Events Compliance requirement of Private Company

Appointment of Auditor

For appointment of Auditor under Companies Act, 2013, Company is required to file ADT 1 together with Auditors appointment and consent to Registrar of Companies within prescribed timelimit. Delay in filing of auditor appointment may have late filing penalty implications.

Appointment or Resignation of Director

In case of appointment of new board of director or resignation of existing director, necessary filings to be done with ROC along-with Board resolution confirming appointment or resignation, as the case may be. Company can also have special events like appointment of Managing Director, Chairman or independent directors. Company are required to intimate MCA for effecting such change in directorship in prescribed time.

Change in authroised capital :

Company may increase Authorised or paid up share capital. To effect change in capital, ROC filing fees, board approvals and form filings to be completed with Registrar of Companies. With increase in authroised capital, company may issue new shares to investors on private placement or preferential allotment basis to expand the equity base.

Transfer of Shares

Existing shareholder of the company can transfer their holding in full or in part to other shareholders. Company is required to provide details of transfer of shares during the year in Annual ROC Return. Transfer of shares can be effected by raising fresh investment from new shareholders without issuing fresh equity and existing promoters/shareholders may dilute their stake.

Shifting of Registered Office

Registered office of the company can be shifted within same state or outside the state. Shifting of registered office may involve change in jurisdiction of the Registrar office. In case of change in registered office, special resolution to be filed with ROC. In case of shifting of office outside the state, prior approval from central govt. may also be required.

Penalty for Non filings

MCA has specified stringent penalty in case of default/delay of regulatory filings and non-compliances. Thus any default in Company annual filing may cost substantial sums which may in some cases goes around 1-2 Lacs.

PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY ANNUAL COMPLIANCE PACKAGE: (Change Icon of Tick Mark with better symbols if available)

India Kickstart’s Company Secretary will professionally assist you in dealing with all the required ROC compliances applicable to your Company.

Still have doubts on right package applicable to your business or did not found what you’re looking for? Talk to us, fill up Enquiry form and get contacted by our experts to resolve queries and get started.

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