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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of questions I can ask with “Ask Free Question Tool”?

The user can ask anything related to Finance, Taxes, Incorporations, Trademark, Copyright, Audits, Loans and complete gamut of services offered by India Kickstart as listed on our website. What typically you should not ask is questions related to Legal matters like matrimonial, civil, cheque bounces, frauds, which are more of Legal Services which should not be used through above tool.

How do you ensure confidentiality of Name and contact details of the person asking question?

Your query and our expert’s responses will be published on our website, without your details. We do NOT publish your name or contact details.

What is general timeline by which my questions get answered ?

Your query will be allotted to the right subject expert and will be answered with best of their efforts, so you get the useful response in the apt time. Our expert will try to respond normally not exceeding 24 working hours since you’ve posted your question.

How do the response gets communicated to me ?

Answers will be delivered to your Inbox in the e-mail id which you have mentioned while posting the questions.