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Get Employee State Insurance (ESI) Registration for your business easily with us.
ESI is applicable to employers having 10 or more employees with salary upto Rs.15,000/- per employees. Registered Employer under ESI must deposit Employer and Employee contribution towards ESI to govt. account under ESI Corpus managed by ESIC.
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OIndia Kickstart team helps in obtaining ESI or PF registration under customised pricings as per your requirements.
ESI Registration packages start at Rs. 7,000/- (inclusive of govt. fees and taxes)


Package is inclusive of

  • Advisory on ESI Registration and Compliance
    We advise on ESIC registration requirements and compliances to be followed
  • Documentation and Application Preparation
    Review entire documentation and preparing ESI registration Application and submission to Govt.
  • Obtaining ESI Registration Certificate
    Finally, ESI registration number with Certificate gets allotted within 20 days

* Available across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Lucknow, Rajasthan and other selected cities at this stage.

What is Employee State Insurance (ESI) Registration ?

Employee State Insurance (ESI) scheme for India is a social security and health insurance scheme for Indian Workers managed by Employee State Insurance Corporation and governed by ESI Act, 1948. The scheme is tailored made to provide Social Production to workers and their dependents, in the organised sector, in contingencies, such as Sickness, Maternity and Death or Disablement due to an employment injury or Occupational hazards.
ESI Registration with the Corporation is mandatory to eligible employers or business having 20 or more employees above wage limits prescribed.
ESI is the apex body under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India which provides medical facilities and cash incentives to labour employees and their family through its wider network of Hospitals, Dispensaries and Medical centers, out of ESI funds contributions received from registered business.
Business covered include all kind of Employers Manufacturing Organisation, Service and Trading Enterprises, Shops, Hotels, Cinema Theatres and Corporations employing labour-force above prescribed limit with avg. per employee wages of Rs.15,000 or less.

Important Points to remember for ESI Registration

ESI is mandatory requirement under ESI Act managed by Ministry of Labour, for the welfare of Indian workers which provides medical and social security incentives to labour employees and their families. All employers falling within the categories prescribed must obtain ESI registration and adhere to its compliance.

ESI registration is applicable and mandatory registration required for Factories using Power and employing 10 or more persons; or Factories not using Power and employing 20 or more persons; Any Shop, hotels, restaurants, road-motor transports undertakings, cinemas including preview theaters and news paper establishments employing 20 or more persons.

Employers of establishments having 10 or more / 20 or more workers, where employees wages are less than Rs.15,000 per month are covered under ESI laws and registration as well as compliance is mandatory for such undertakings.

Under ESI registered employers, all their labour employees earning less than Rs.15,000 per month along-with their families can avail host of medical and sickness benefits like medical treatments at ESI networked hospitals/ dispensaries and can also avail sickness pay benefits.

Every Registered Employer under ESI is required to pay 1.75% of wages towards Employees Contribution by way of deduction from their salaries and 4.75% of wages towards Employers Contribution from company’s account.

Employers are required to deposit employers as well as employee contributions to ESI fund, where payment is required to be made on monthly basis. Due Date of payment is 21st of following calendar month.

ESI Returns needs to be filed on half yearly basis by every registered employer, reporting complete details of Amount of Employers and employees contribution to the fund for the period. Further, Annual return needs to be filed in respect of changes in employees,if any during the preceding year.

How can we help with ESI Registration

We can get your ESI registration with complete professional support in estimated 20 working days with following Steps :-

Our team will brief on entire requirements and documentation details. You need to send across entire documentation for Business as well as Partners/Directors and employees as explained above and we will review and compile the same in about 1 working days time.

We will prepare Application for ESI Registration, Review and submit in Online as well as Offline mode through our affiliates to Govt. We will provide you Acknowledgement in 7 working days time from application.

The ESI application will be processed by Govt. department and physical documents will be verified by them. Once approved, we will provide you the ESI Registration Certificate as soon as received from govt., which generally takes approx.10 working days.

Documents required for PF/ESI Registration

To be submitted by Proprietor/Partner/Directors

Copy of PAN Card of Proprietor/Partner/Directors

Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Passport size photograph of Proprietor/Partner/Directors

Latest Electricity/ Maintenance bill (Place of Business)

Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card

Copy of Property papers (If owned property)

To be submitted by Firm/LLP Company

Details of Employees with Salary Details and Family Details

Board Resolution in case of Company

Last Audited Financials of the business (for existing enterprises)

Copy of PAN Card of Business entity

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Copy of Registration Certificate under Shop & Establishment/VAT/CST/Professional Tax Acts

Partnership Deed Copy/ LLP Agreement or Incorporation Certificate

Authorization by Directors/ Partners

Cancelled Cheque of Business Bank Account

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