ESI Return Filings

Every registered person under Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is required to file periodic returns of ESI in respect of their contributions to ESI fund.
ESI is applicable to all employers having 10 or more employees with salary upto Rs.15,000/-
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India Kickstart packages start at Rs. 1,000/- onwards

Package is inclusive of

  • Information and Data Collection
    We will collect all the necessary details for preparation of ESI Return
  • Return Preparation
    Review of entire details received will be done by us and we will prepare ESI return of your business and send you for approval.
  • Return Filings
    On approval and after payment of liability, we will file your return for ESI with concerned govt. department

* Available only in Maharashtra

What are ESI Return Filing requirements ?

ESI Return filing is applicable only to the Employers registered under Employee State Insurance Scheme.
Employee State Insurance (ESI) is a social security and health insurance scheme for Indian Workers managed by Employee State Insurance Corporation and governed by ESI Act, 1948. ESI Registration with the Corporation is mandatory to all persons or business having 10 or more employees.
ESI is the apex body under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India which provides medical facilities and cash incentives to labour employees and their family through its wider network of Hospitals, Dispensaries and Medical centers, out of ESI funds contributions received from registered business.
Contribution to ESI is prescribed based on wages of the employees. For all employees with less than Rs.15,000 per month wages, the employer should contribute 4.75% while employee must contribute 1.75% of wages towards ESI.
Employers are required to deposit employers as well as employee contributions to ESI fund, where payment is required to be made on monthly basis. Further, those entities having registered under ESI must also file ESI return, which is to be filed on half yearly basis by the last day of respective half year.

How can we help with ESI Return filing Compliances

We can assist in filing your ESI return with complete professional support as per following Steps:-

Our team will procure necessary documentation and details of your business for preparation of ESI Returns for your business.

Based on the inputs received from you, We will prepare ESI Return. Draft Return will be sent for your approval and necessary payment of taxes to govt. account

On receipt of approval from you with Challan of ESI Contributions paid, we will file ESI returns with the ESIC Corporation and provide you acknowledgement copy of the same.

Important Points to remember for ESI Compliances

ESI is mandatory requirement under ESI Act managed by Ministry of Labour, for the welfare of Indian workers which provides medical and social security incentives to labour employees and their families.

Every employer having 10 or more employee with wages of less than Rs.15,000/- must registered themselves with ESI.

Under ESI registered employers, all their labour employees earning less than Rs.15,000 per month along-with their families can avail host of medical and sickness benefits like medical treatments at ESI networked hospitals/ dispensaries and can also avail sickness pay benefits.

Every registered employer under ESI must contribute 4.75% of the wages and Employee should contribute 1.75% of wages to ESI. Such contributions to be paid on monthly basis to govt. account.

ESI Returns needs to be filed on half yearly basis by every registered employer, reporting complete details of Amount of Employers and employees contribution to the fund for the period. Further, Annual return needs to be filed in respect of changes in employees,if any during the preceding year.

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