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Now you can get Loans against your higher property Value for business and commercial purpose. Unlock value of your property and enrich your dreams with Loans with India Kickstart”
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What is Loan Against Property?

Loan against property (LAP) means a loan that is given or disbursed against the property. The loan is disbursed at a certain percentage of market value of the property, usually around 50% – 90%. Loan against property is the part of secured loan category where the borrower issues a guarantee by using property as security.

Advantages of  Loan Against Property?

☞ Lower interest rates as its secured loan.

☞ Helpful for all Home related expenses.

☞ Greater Credit Eligibility.

How to apply for Loan Against Property?

Apply Online

Fill simple application form

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with 30+ banks / NBFCs to get your application.


We get the best rates for you.


Loan is approved and amount credited.

Documents required for Loan Against Property

Copy of PAN Card

Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card / Driving License

Passport size photograph Scanned Copy

Copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Electricity Bill

Copy of Passport (in case of NRI or Foreign National)

Specimen Signatures (signature on blank document of Directors only)

Frequently asked questions

☞ Lenders give loan against those property whether they are residential (rented out and self occupied) or commercial properties. A plot or land without construction can also be considered as collateral by the lender.

☞ LAP EMI is a defined amount you will pay for repayment of your loan monthly till the loan is completely paid.
☞ However, the EMI amounts stays the same, every month the part of interest keeps coming down and principal keeps on increasing, except when interest rate increases.
☞ LAP tenure in India ranges from 5 years to maximum of 18 years. Longer the tenure, lower the EMI.

☞ The easiest way of paying a mortgage loan EMI is by the way of ECS in favour of the bank. It is not necessary to have a bank account in the same bank from whom you have availed the loan.
☞ Other instruments can include post-dated cheques (PDCs) and by demand drafts, although, these are rarely used nowadays.

☞ Key benefit of paying LAP EMI through ECS is that, there is no signature mismatch risk for cheque bouncing or any other technical issue. Note heavy cheque bouncing charges are charged by the banks even for technical bounce and therefore, it is advisable to avoid this risk by availing ECS mode of debit.

☞ Loan amount – Higher the loan amount, higher will be the EMI. Rate of interest    Lower the loan interest rate, lower the EMI. Loan Tenure – Longer the loan tenure, lower the EMI.

☞ Yes you can you can repay your loan ahead of schedule and there is no prepayment fee only if you repaying the loan from your own source of funds and without transferring the loan.

☞ Your income, savings, debt obligations are considered.
☞ Cost/value of the property against which you want loan are considered
☞ Your track record for other loans, credit cards repayments are considered

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