Income Tax Return filing for Non Resident Indians

Quick and Easy Filing of Tax Returns for Non Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals earning Income in India or abroad.
Indian Citizens earning Salary Income outside India or working on foreign bound ship or Foreign Nationals earning salary / income from India must file their Income Tax return in India by determining their residential status, period of stay in India and Income and taxes thereon.
Non Residents and Foreign Nationals can file their Income Tax return with our CA assisted filing plans.
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  • Income Source
    NRI can file their return for Income from Salary, House Property, Interest and other sources as per packages opted
  • Income Tax Filings
    Income Tax Return preparation and e-filings and assistance for determining residential status
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    Our dedicated expert CA will prepare and review Return filings

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Income Tax Return Filings for Non Resident Indians

An Individual having taxable Income above Rs.250,000/- for the financial year is required to file Income Tax Return before 31st July of the following year.
It is important to determine the residential status of Individuals based on period of stay in India during previous year and past 10 years, as tax liability differs as per residential Status.
For Resident and Ordinarily resident person, his global income (income in India as well as outside India) is charged to tax in India. In case of Person who is Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident, Only income from source in India is charged to Tax. Similarly, For Non Residents, income accrued or arise in India is charged to Tax.
Salaried Persons who are in employment earning Salary Income and gets form 16 from their employer which provides details of their Gross Salary Income earned with Basic and other component of salary for the financial year, details of tax-free allowances, deductions, Advance Tax and TDS paid in their Return of Income. It also provides information on Tax deductible investments made, donations, Mediclaim and PF contributions made by employee which can be used for further tax savings.
Further details of Income earned from Saving Banks Account, Fixed Deposits, Rental Income from house property and other source income to be disclosed in Tax return.India Kickstart experts will easily file your Income Tax Returns ensuring accurate computations, timely filings and maximize tax savings.
All your queries on Income Tax Returns and filing worries will be handled by India Kickstart experts at just a click away.

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Rs. 1,999/- Rs. 2,999/- Rs.5,999/-
NRI with

– Salary

– Interest

– Home Loan

– Rental Income in India.


NRI with income below Rs.10 Lacs

–   Working abroad on Site

–   Indians Having assets / Bank accounts in India/abroad

–   Foreigners earning Salary/ Owning assets in India


–          Income above Rs.10 Lacs per annum

–          All incomes covered in India and Foreign

–          Covers all benefits of ELITE Plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

NRI and Foreign Nationals are required to file their Income Tax Return in India, when Income earned in India or is Received in India and its above Taxable limits (currently 250,000/-) during financial year. With Filing of return, you can also avoid Double Taxation i.e. Taxation in India as well as abroad country or can claim tax refund for TDS deducted.

It depends upon your residential status and period of stay in India. In majority of the cases, if your period of stay in India is 182 days or more, then you are considered as Resident Indian. Foreign nationals earning Income originated in India also needs to file their tax return and pay taxes in India.

Non Resident Indian are required to reported Details of Asset held Outside India, including Bank Accounts held, Investments, Properties in their return of Income so as to avoid double taxation in both country of residence and India.

DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) is an agreement in between India and other countries so as to avoid double taxation of the same income of the same person in more than one country. Double taxation can be avoided through DTAA which determines whether an Income taxable in two countries is to be exempted or to be taxed at a lower rate or else to be allowed tax credit For this, you are required to provide us with the Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) issued by the country where you presently reside.

Yes Ofcourse, TDS deduction and payment is obligation of the deductor. While your obligation is to report Complete Income earned from all sources during previous financial year, compute taxes thereon, claim TDS, Advance Tax and file tax return within due dates.

No, documents are not required to be attached with the return. However one should preserve these documents as proof in case demanded by tax authorities or during the course of assessment. It is also advisable to retain passport copies to establish period of stay in India for residential status.

Yes, If Tax as per Income Tax return filed by you is less than TDS deducted by your deductor or advance tax deposited, you can claim Refund of taxes in your return and the same is generally paid within 2 months from date of filing of verified return.

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