Patent Registration

Patent registration ensure to protect right or authority of particular field of research, inventions or any other process to their owners.Before applying for complete patent, it is advisable to do patent search to improve chances of approval, file provisional patent and later obtain patent registration.

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Patent registration

A patent registration helps to protect an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by their creators/ owners, subject to its uniqueness and acceptance by the patent authority as being fit and proper to qualify for patent registration. Patent holder can own the rights on invention for the period of upto 20 years.

The invention can be anything such as process, art, method to manufacture, particular apparatus, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals or drugs. The final discretion to approve the application and its qualifying validation remains with patent registration authority.

Patent registration protects the invention carried out by the creator of work, which cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported or sold by anyone without consent of the patent owner.

Patent registration and regulation is being governed by the Patent Act 1970 & Patent Rules 1972.

The significant legal document while applying for patent registration is provisional specification or complete specification. Filing of provisional patent can increase the chances of obtaining patent registration, it can be filed along with a patent application if the invention has reached a stage wherein it can be disclosed on paper, but has not attained the final stage. Hence, provisional specification filed mainly to secure a priority date for the application over any other application which could be filed in respect of the same invention being developed by a competitor.

Benefits of Patent Registration

  • Protect invention and ensure exclusive rights and ownership for limited period
  • Get Royalty by licensing your registered patents
  • 20 years un-interrupted protection
  • Restricts unauthorized usage and infringements
  • Creates Brand positioning and Intangible asset

Important Conditions for filing of patent

Patents can be filed for inventions, however it must qualify and fulfill following criteria for successful registration:-

  • Inventions or exceptional launches – If person has by own skill or with the help of technology invented product, process, technology or any other work not yet used or published elsewhere by anyone before filing patents in India.
  • Original and Noval – The inventions proposed to be patented must be original, should not be copy of existing product or service and it should be noval and unique as a first launch in the country by the person filing the patent. In other words, its introduced to public domain only by the applicant and someone has not used or published anytime prior to application
  • Usefulness:- Inventions should be useful to the large masses of people or business or industry for ensuring larger benefits and value add. Inventions with no commercial usage may not be acceptable for patents.
  • Wider Coverage – The invention carries wider coverage of product and service. It can be product, service, technology, process to manufacture, research, science, technical application, software etc. thus definition is wider to cover major aspects of inventions.

Advantages of Patent

Legal Protection

If you believe your registered patent is being infringed or violated, it is easy to establish your right to it in court. If you haven’t registered the invention of process, work or technology as patent, you would not be able to take legal recourse. Patent registration is primarily important in the areas of technology and process driven. It protects the ownership and unauthorized usage.


A registered patent is an intangible asset which is valuable, marketable and helps in building goodwill for the owners. Patent provides competitive advantage over invention with significant control to use and introduce the invention to their owners and builds substantial branding for their owners.

Unique Identity

You would want your customers to identify your products or services with yours only. Registering your patent ensuring this ownership specially created by you and should not be copied by any-third person. The court would then stop any piracy of such registered work and provides legal remedy to the owner in case of infringement.

Intangible Asset

Registered Patent is an intangible asset for the owners. They are intellectual property and can be transacted commercially for sale, franchise or right to use.

Patent Registration Process

3 DAYSWe will discuss the type of invention and patent you wish to register. On subscribing to service, first we will run a Patent Search, which is a detailed process to search all inventions/ specifications to ensure your proposed invention is not already taken away by others or conflicting with existing registered patent and saves time, cost and efforts. It also improves the chances of getting registered patent
We will prepare the application, get it signed from you and our lawyer will file the same with Patent authorities

3 days

On filing of successful application, The patent registrar Office will first check your application and validate the application details and check for already registered patents. The entire process of approval from govt. takes about 6-12 months of time. We will check the status of your application regularly over the entire period till we obtain final registration certificate and keep you up-to-date on the status.

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