Refund Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

It is advisable to please read and understand all the policies including Refund and cancellation policies,  before procuring any service from ( referred to as “India Kickstart”) as customer. The policy documents significantly highlights important rights and obligations of customer and “India Kickstart” on happening of specific events.

User of our services including website – on ordering the service is deemed to have read, understood and agreed with all the Terms, Conditions, Refund and Cancellation policy.

India Kickstart assures professional high quality service at all times to their clients and users as per the product specifications and timelines given. If you feel, you are not satisfied with our service, immediately write back to us at and we assure you to get the feedback with solution within 48 business hours to resolve the same.

Refund Policy

Any product/service once purchased cannot be cancelled since the nature of our products/services being online as such, they are instantly delivered and/or the process of delivery gets initiated and cannot be stopped without any misuse/loss to us.

However, only in the following circumstances you being the customer is entitled for the refund, subject to limits, situations and conditions applicable:

  1. In case of duplicate payment made for same service by error : If you have erroneously made duplicate payment twice for the same services, then your refund claim not exceeding amount originally paid will be processed by us after due verification and on producing requisite evidences as demanded by India Kickstart.
  2. In case of cancellation of request by customer, no refund will be granted except only in the circumstances where non-execution or cancellation is done by India Kickstart.
  3. In case of deficiencies in service by India Kickstart, refund shall only be considered in the event of clear, visible deficiency in the service or product purchased from India Kickstart. No refunds shall be entertained in case of delay beyond promised timelines due to govt. processing time or conditions beyond the control of India Kickstart.
  4. If customer has purchased the product or service by paying the fees and later on change their mind for non-availing of service, No refund shall be granted in such cases where the work has been commenced or shared with you by India Kickstart. However, we may give the customer option to avail alternate service of the same or higher value after adjusting for deductions as per our policy.
  5. If the refund request has been raised after 30 days from the purchase of services or the services have been completed and the same has been communicated to customer by e-mail or through any other mode of communication, no refund shall be entertained.

In all cases, India Kickstart reserves right to refund, deduction, conditions as per facts of the case.

Payment of Refund

On approval of refund request with refund confirmation, India Kickstart will ensure to refund the funds to the credit of customer account within 15 working days from the date of approval of refund.

Standard Conditions for Cancellation and Refund

We cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your particular service or process with the government. For instance, the government may reject a GST Registration or trademark application for legal reasons beyond the scope of India Kickstart service. In some cases, a government backlog or problems with the government platforms (e.g. MCA website, Income Tax website, FSSAI website) can lead to long delays before your process is complete. These problems are beyond our control and are not covered by this guarantee or eligible for refund. Hence, delay in processing of your file by the Government or change in govt. law or increase in govt. fees cannot be a reason for refund.


India Kickstart is the online platform and performance of service with cost incurrence on behalf of the client begins immediately on purchase of service by client. Such cost includes cost of manpower, technology, govt. cost, processing cost etc. Hence, No Refund shall be granted in any case towards cancellation by client on his own will or due to change of mind or any other reason.

Only In the event of non-performance or deficiency in the service of India Kickstart if proved clearly, the refund can be processed subject to deductions specified below.

All the refunds are subject to processing with following standard deductions.

  • All govt. cost and expenses incurred on behalf of the client till the date of refund
  • 20% flat deduction of Total fees for cancellation
  • Actual fees for the work completed till the date of refund.

Force Majeure

India Kickstart shall not be considered in breach of its performance satisfaction or Guarantee policy or default under any terms of service, and shall not be liable to the customer for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations by reason of earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, act of God or the public enemy, epidemic, famine or plague, action of a court or public authority, change in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen (each a “Force Majeure Event”).