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All the users of India Kickstart.com are requested to kindly read, understand and agree to the below Agreement and Terms of Use before any usage or taking actions on the basis of information given on our website.

Hello, We are www.indiakickstart.com////, the online website and business service platform, entirely owned, managed and controlled by M/s. India Kickstart Financial Services LLP (collectively referred as “India Kickstart”).

This agreement refers “India Kickstart or us or we ” means “ India Kickstart Financial Services LLP”, “Service” refers to the service provided by www.indiakickstart.com//// through portal, employees, professionals, business advisors representatives. We have referred “You or User or Visitor”, as the person using our service or accessing website or a client for all practical interpretation purpose.

The information and services provided by India Kickstart can be used subject to your compliance of the terms and conditions set forth below. It is deemed that, you agree to our terms and condition of service, use and bind yourself by this (User agreement) , on usage of Indiakickstart website or service or resource in any manner at any time.

We reserve the right to amend, delete or modify any content of this agreement, website or policy at anytime and such changes will become effective immediately on hosting of such modified agreement on the website and you concur to review the content of this document to ascertain the modifications. On continued usage of this site, you acknowledge and agree to the modified terms of this agreement.


  1. This website together with its content is meant to be used only for general and limited purpose. The users of our website and services are granted non-exclusive, restricted and limited right to use and access the content, service and resources in agreement of this policy.
  2. Indiakickstart reserves right to terminate at its sole discretion, the access of any user or service or resource at anytime or suspend access to any or all part of the website, portal, without assigning any reason or any limitation to this agreement or breach thereof.

Further, if found usage in violation of any of the rules of this agreement or any of the policies of India Kickstart or use of suspicious, abusive, illegal or unethical activity, all the rights, information and access of the user shall be prosecuted, deleted, removed and restricted immediately on knowledge of such infringement of activity. In such case, we reserve our right to take any legal action which we may deem fit and also enforce relevant law upon you for the necessary action.

  1. Users undertake not to engage in any of the activity which may defame India Kickstart or any person or group of any religion, case, age or other geographical factors or not to use engage in any illegal activity or racism or inappropriate language, comment, opinion or not to violate Internet standards in its entirety or not to use service for harassment, abusive, harmful, obscene, vulgar or tortuous material or intervening privacy of others including any third-party or compromise with any security standards
  2. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login information associated with any account you use to access our Resources. Accordingly, you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account/s. We do not save your password nor we ask you to disclose to anyone and remains your sole ownership to ensure privacy of login and related information.
  3. You expressly agree not to utilise, copy or access any of our resources, content, data or information in any un-authorised way is strictly prohibited. You are allowed to access the data only to the limited extent and manner we provide the same to you for access.
  4. Any act by the User in all forms to practice or conduct any activity which may disturb or interfere with our website, resources, servers, network or pose a security threat to any of these including our data, content, resources, functioning of business, is strictly prohibited.
  5. Any act or attempt to copy, reproduce, re-engineer, display, transmit, modify, duplicate, sell or trade our resources by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
  6. You expressly agree to be solely responsible for any consequences, losses, or damages that we may directly or indirectly incur or suffer due to any unauthorized activities conducted by you, as explained above, and may incur criminal or civil liability.
  7. We do not promote any user relationship. Indiakickstart assist every individual and business with the requested services without being biased on name, characteristics, cast or any other parameter. Indiakickstart is the online platform showcasing various knowledgeable content for the benefit of its users. However, it should not be construed as professional or legal advise in any manner.
  8. You, being the recipient of the content of our website should refrain from acting based on one or any content on the site. You remain solely responsible for any consequences which may arise on such act.
  9. Users expressly agree to abide by ethics and use of reasonable language while commenting, posting, making enquiry, talking to business advisors, professionals, our representatives and should not use or  in  any way post offensive  user content or illegal, abusive, threatening,

Defamatory, harassing, degrading, intimidating, fraudulent, deceptive, invasive, racist, or contains any type of suggestive, inappropriate, or explicit language or breach with trademarks, copyrights, patents or other proprietary rights of any party or unsolicited advertising.

  1. Restriction on Usage : By use of this site, you expressly understand and agree that the contents of our website are only for personal use and not for commercial sell, copy, distribution, exploration, transmission, duplication and you will not engage in any act which amounts to duplication, reverse-engineering, modification, alteration of any or all content or extract information about usage or users nor you will deploy any artificial intelligence or any manual process to monitor, extract or copy the content of our website without prior written permission from India Kickstart.
  2. Limitation of Liability: Subject to Refund policy of India Kickstart and limitation on warrantees and guarantees prescribed, Our liability in all cases shall be limited only to upto the maximum amount you paid to us, if any for the use of our product or services and the discretion of liability will be solely rest with India Kickstart only. We are not responsible for any claims or loss which may arise to user or any third party directly or indirectly or in any other manner whatsoever in consequence to your usage of our services or resources or content or acting on advise of India Kickstart including all affiliates, employees, representatives or due to any technical glitches, system issues, virus attack, refund denial, cancellation of service or in any such manner, India Kickstart shall not be held liable for all such cases.


  1. We at Indiakickstart together with all our employees, business advisors, experts, professionals and re-preventatives do not provide any guarantee or warranty or does not represent (express or implied) as to the legal liability of any of the opinion, advise or action suggested by the professional through this website or any associate thereof. Unless otherwise expressly agreed elsewhere, We hereby expressly disclaims all kind of warranties, guarantees, restrictions, conditions in any manner whatsoever, whether expressed or implied including merchant liability warranties for any purpose and in respect of any adherence to the law for the time-being in force.
  2. Indiakickstart is the online platform and at multiple locations on the website, we may allow open user communication channels such as Chat box texts, Enquiry form, Blog, Reviews, Comments, message or any other option ( collectively referred as “User Content”), where users/ visitors are allowed to write text, comment or communicate with us via above mode. Indiakickstart is neither the author nor the moderator of such content and it only display or stores such information which has been posted by the users. We do not moderate or administer any of such user content posted by Users, Visitors or any third party on our website. Indiakickstart expressly disclaims all the responsibility associated with the user content and shall not be held liable in any manner for the same.

On finding or reporting of any offensive user content, India Kickstart shall immediately remove the same and our discretions shall remain final and irrevocable.

  1. In case of User content posted by you on our open communication channels as described above, to the extent if it doesn’t conflict with any copyright, trademark or breach with any laws or guidelines or policies in force, impliedly becomes property of India Kickstart. In such case, it provides us with irrevocable, un-encumbered, royalty-free worldwide rights and ownership to use in the manner which we deem fit. The above User content explicitly excludes any information which we may obtain from you in the course of providing service including personal information, registration and it shall remain confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.
  2. You hereby agree and undertake to indemnify and hold harmless “Indiakickstart” and its owner firm M/s. India Kickstart Financial Services LLP, their affiliates, and their partners, officers, directors, shareholders, managers, employees, donors, agents, and licensors, from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of this User Agreement or the failure to fulfill any obligations relating to your account incurred by you or any other person using your account or identity. We reserve the right to hold the exclusive defense of any claim for which we are entitled to indemnification under this User Agreement. In such event, you shall provide us with such cooperation as is reasonably requested by us.
  3. India kickstart believes in ensuring stricter privacy and confidentiality of information pertains to the users. We make all possible effort to ensure highest level of confidentiality for protecting data, information, resources, content and every piece of information provided by the users or clients at any time of performance of service or enquiry or any mode of communication with India Kickstart or their affiliate professionals, employees or representatives. However, India kickstart cannot guarantee the confidentiality of all the information of client since we can not control conduct or act of others. All the users are advised to exercise reasonable caution while sharing confidential information over the internet platform. Any loss or mis-conduct which may arise on disclosure of confidential information by any mode will remain sole responsibility of the user and India Kickstart shall in no way held responsible.
  4. Unless authorised in writing by India Kickstart for restricted use, all the data, content, images, offers, resources, technology used by indiakickstart.com is the sole property of India Kickstart under trademark, copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights. Users expressly affirm the usage of the site and their content only in the manner authorised by us and shall not copy, distribute, re-produce, modify or re-engineer any of the content or resources on India Kickstart without prior written authorization by India Kickstart. The user further acknowledge that Indiakickstart at its own discretion is free to display the user’s business name with Logo in Indiakickstart client list on their website, billi-board, internal circulars, presentations without disclosing personal or financial information.
  5. No cancellation of service is permitted by India Kickstart once the payment is being made by the client. Please also refer our Refund policy for the detailed guidelines on refund.
  6. India kickstart has not authorised or appointed any third party to collect fees or Costs on our behalf from the client. We follow transparent approach in billing and fees payment for the services rendered and collect payment through our website only through designated payment gateway options. Any payment made by the user to any person directly or indirectly without following the payment process as described above or in good-faith as India kickstart representative, in all such cases India Kickstart disclaims all the claims which may arise on account of loss, mis-representation, fraud, theft or any other loss or damages which the user may incur on account of such act. Users are requested to adhere and make payment to India Kickstart only through the designated platform of indiakickstart.com or in accordance with payment process prescribed.
  7. India kickstart in no way undertake to endorse the content or the legality of any offers, opinions, commitment, promises or statements made by professionals or any other parties on our platform or otherwise.
  8. In respect of any other process, governance, regulation, framework and guidelines not mentioned herein this document or any other policy of India kickstart, shall be referred to India Kickstart team. We reserve our right to act upon the same in the manner which we may deem fit and the final decision shall remain with India kickstart and their management for conclusion of such issues, conflicts, queries and matters referred in the said manner.
  9. Any dispute which may arise in respect of any matters, contents, resources, services shall be first dealt in accordance with the policies and process prescribed governing the issue. In the event, it was found that said dispute is not covered by any of the prescribed policy, the matter will be dealt by India Kickstart in the best professional manner and India Kickstart reserves the final decision and sole discretion for the above.
  10. India kickstart is operated and based in the state of Maharashtra, which can be used by any user/ visitor across the Country and Globe. All the users hereby expressly agree and acknowledge that the governing law, rules, framework and statue for India kickstart will be in accordance with Law applicable for the State of Maharashtra, in case of state laws reference. Any dispute which may arise will be referred to and dealt in accordance with laws and regulations in force for the state of Maharashtra.
  11. If you have any query, feedback, authorization request or any other matter concerning policies of India Kickstart, kindly write to us at support@indiakickstart.com.