Tax Deduction Account Number Registration (TAN)

Every business entity who is responsible for deducting tax at source or collecting Tax at source on payments must obtain TAN registration as per Income Tax Laws in India.
TAN is required for payment of TDS, TDS Return filings and issue of TDS Certificates by business.
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India Kickstart packages start at Rs. 1,000/- (all inclusive)

Package is inclusive of

  • Advisory on TAN Registration and TDS Compliance
    We advise on TAN requirements and TDS compliances to be followed
  • Documentation and Application Preparation
    Review entire documentation and preparing Application for obtaining TAN and submission to Govt.
  • Obtaining TAN Number
    Finally, Unique 10 digit TAN registration number gets allotted within 10 days

What is TAN Registration ?

TAN stands for Tax Deduction Account Number, issued by Income Tax Department. As per Current IT Laws, every person (including business) who is responsible to deduct Tax at Source or Collect Tax (i.e. Income tax) on eligible payments made by them should mandatorily obtain TAN Number from the department.
TAN is the unique 10 digit alpha-numeric registration number allotted by IT department to the business. Every business or person, as the case may be have to quote TAN number at the time of TDS deduction, payment to government account and while filing TDS returns for their business.
TDS is applicable on various payments like Salaries, Professional fees, Contractor payments, Rent paid over above threshold limits prescribed. Business entities are required to Quote TAN Number, deduct tax at source on all such payments and ensure timely deposit of income tax to govt. and issue TDS certificate to the deductee parties. For this entire compliance, TAN number is must and it’s practically impossible to comply with TDS provisions without obtaining TAN Number.

How can we help with TAN Registration

We can assist to obtain TAN registration with complete professional support in estimated 10 working days with following Steps :-

Our team will brief on entire requirements and documentation details and explain TDS compliances applicable. You need to send across entire documentation for Business as well as Partners/Directors as explained and we will review and compile the application in about 1 working days time.

We will prepare Application for TAN Registration, Review and submit in Online as well as Offline mode through our affiliates to Govt. We will obtain your signatures on Acknowledgement and will provide you Copy of Acknowledgement in 5 working days time from application.

Income Tax department will approve the application, on successful validation and verification of supporting documents along-with application. The department will allot TAN number for your business and the process is complete

Important Points to remember for TAN

It is a mandatory requirement prescribed by Income Tax Act, where TAN registration must be obtained for all eligible persons required to deduct tax at source. Almost all types of business including Non-profit entities like Trusts are required to register for TAN.

Individual Salaried Employees are not required to obtain TAN, while their TDS will be deducted by their employers. However, Individuals running Proprietorship firms to carry on business/profession should obtain TAN registration and deduct tax at source on specified payments.

Branches/Offices of companies can have separate TANs for their respective offices. In such case, Name and Location of the branch and person responsible for deducting tax at source on behalf of Company/Branch must be mentioned in application for TAN.

TAN number allotted once can be used for all type of TDS deductions or Collection of Tax at source irrespective of their nature. Thus, Single TAN to be used for all eligible payments (like salary, professional, contractors etc.) and is having permanent validity unless cancelled.

TDS must be deposited by latest by 7th of following Month. TDS returns to be filed quarterly basis latest by 15th from end of preceding quarter. Thus, Due Dates for TDS returns are 15th July, October, January and May respectively.

Every deductor of Tax at Source is required to issue TDS Certificates on quarterly basis to the deductee specifying the Amount on which TDS has been deducted, TDS deducted, TDS Paid with Date and challan details. Only TDS Certificates downloaded and generated online from NSDL website of govt. is considered as valid.

Nature Of Payments Made By Business Eligible For TDS Deduction (Major Categories)

  • Salaries to Employees
  • Payment to Professionals
  • Payment to Contractors or Sub-Contractors
  • Rent Paid for immovable property
  • Hire Charges / Lease paid for other than property (Plant/Machinery/Equipments etc.)
  • Commission or Brokerage payments
  • Interest paid on Loans (other than banking company) or Securities
  • Payment to Non-Residents

It is advisable to deduct TDS at correct rates prescribed by govt. Rate varies based on nature of payment incurred by the business.

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