Winding up or Closure of a Company

Inactive or dormant Company can be closed down. Once wound up, the requirement of annual compliances and filings stands discontinued.
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We assist in winding up of Private Limited Companies.
(Package Start At Rs. 24,999/- All Inclusive Govt. Fees And Taxes)

Closure of a Company

Closure or Winding up of company can be effected by the shareholders of the Company. In case if there are any secured or unsecured creditors or employees of the company, the outstanding dues must be settled before closure. Once all the dues are settled, the bank accounts of the company must be closed. Finally, the company must regularise any overdue compliance like annual filing and surrender the GST registration or filing of income tax compliances. Once, all activities are stopped and the registrations are surrendered, the winding up application petition can be filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.Company closure process takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months of time. It is prudent to close or wound up the dormant or inactive company, as the cost of compliances and regulatory filings will outweigh the benefits of continuing with inactive company. The company with regular compliances on record can be closed very quickly. Instead, company with pending compliances will first need to make good those compliances and ensure closure.

The cost involve in closure of business depends upon the quantum of non-compliances, as penalty, interest and levys for non-compliances would certainly increase the cost of closure of Company. It is advisable to maintain regular compliances for running as well as Dormant company to ensure minimal cost and maximum benefits.

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